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I want a full-scale, all-in reboot of Space Channel 5. And I want it something like this.

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12 1 / 2014

Top Five Songs of 2013
3. Glasser, “Shape”

Top Five Songs of 2013

3. Glasser, “Shape”

03 1 / 2014

male1k asked: Your design for Katy B's "Crying For No Reason" was great, and I just looked up the song for the first time and I love it. Thanks for introducing me to this awesome song/artist!

No problem! Her next album is out in February, and I’m so excited.

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Top Five Songs of 2013
4. Katy B, “Crying For No Reason”

Top Five Songs of 2013

4. Katy B, “Crying For No Reason”

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Top Five Songs of 2013
5. Annie, “Invisible”

Top Five Songs of 2013

5. Annie, “Invisible”

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Katy B- “Crying For No Reason”

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So I’m getting the idea I should read Young Wizards??

I’ve been reading Dust in the Wind and YES PLEASE. You would have a field day with this one!

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1. Playstation Plus gives me a free trial of Dragon Age: Origins.

2. It’s a 12 gig download. It takes a good while. In the meantime, I research the game further. The anticipation builds.

3. A solid 15 minutes in the character creator and I’m off! The trial expires right after I pass my mage’s test (and save, thankfully).

4. I take a few minutes to mourn. I take another few minutes to look at internet listings.

5. I snap up a copy of the Ultimate Edition on Amazon. (It worked, Bioware. You got me.)

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That’s the show. We’re done here.

That’s the show. We’re done here.

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Two out of three isn’t bad.

Two out of three isn’t bad.

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OUYA Review | Everett and I talk about the OUYA. (a.k.a. I talk a lot and have derpy facial expressions for 12 minutes.)

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EMC 3345: Orphan Black

Another vlog for class. This time, I’m talking about Orphan Black. (I kept this one scripted so I wouldn’t hyperactively ramble like last time.)

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Lately I’ve been
dreaming of mazes. I know,
it’s not a subtle metaphor.
Every night I run, and the strange
part is, it’s never you 
chasing me down another
endless hallway. I see
friends, family, long-dead pets,
but you’re not there.

I’ve read about lucid dreaming.
I’d like to think I could
manage it, in theory- being aware,
taking control. In practice, sleep keeps me
from distancing myself.
If anything, I get too immersed, taking yet
another wrong turn. I fall hard.
If dreams are the opposite of distance,
you must be
simply too close to see.

25 10 / 2013

I’ll admit it- there were parts of this week’s episode I didn’t like.

  • I thought Joan was finally going to operate independently- and on a different sort of case too. I felt like the Tony plot was dealt with in the completely wrong way. Why drag Sherlock into it by sleeping with the friend?
  • Joan called Sherlock out on his creepy paranoia bullshit and then just sort of…dropped it? That REALLY bugged me. I mean, he apologized, but Joan said it herself- that isn’t enough.

Things I did like:

  • Sherlock’s “dark heart” dialogue.
  • The fact that Joan has a friend that isn’t A) “checking up” on her or B) married/partnered and trying to get her settled down.
  • Jen (I think?) thought of Watson because of her deductive skills
  • Also, I loved the fact that we could see Joan constantly taking notes in this ep! In most procedurals, the main investigators ~magically recall~ things, so it was good to have Joan taking notes. And who knows, maybe that helped her catch some of the small details!

In summary, an okay episode. Not great, but good enough. And we get to see more of Gregson next week!